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d-torso/Aki Co.,Ltd. is a studio making original model. d-torso have skilled modeling system and have already achieved making various kinds of three-dimensional model, from huge statue made by cardboard to tiny miniature kit. We held previous arrangement seriously based on the image sketch from the client, and produce several times experimentally before complete the final work. Our work includes making one of a kind object, assembly kit for promotion, display for events, special package, robots and so on. A wide variety of materials are possible to be used including cardboard, wood, acrylic and metal.

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d-torso can make its model from a sketch. This picture shows a huge humanoid model, which is made into relief shape in order to be set on the wall. Now this model is setting in the entrance of a sports club in Tokyo, Shinjuku. The picture below shows a “shoe model” we produced in collaboration with the company Asics, with the “plane model” based on a limited sale-flight model of Skynet Asia Airways. The one on the right “rikishidan” is to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the birth Futabayama. We will show you more models like exclusive model(monopoly) and pre-sale model and so on after we having finished the adjustment.

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Order Printed Models

The feature of d-torso is to be able to draw various kinds of “pictures” on a flat surface. We print a variety of original print pattern, stick photos and spread the text block, to spread endless possibility on the plane. We make three-dimensional model by using these planar parts. Able to cut unlimited flat pieces and let these planes become the three-dimensional structure, is what the most special work we can do. The photo above is a print pattern of cherry blossom we made in this spring(2014). By changing the way of cutting using the existing animal series and character series, we print the same design on the cotton material and made some “towel”. This is the first example that we expanded our work outside d-torso with our planar pattern. From inside to outside, from outside to inside, please enjoy looking forward to our new changes.

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Named and Original Packages

D-torso can use existing templates to cut out brand name and company name with a laser light. Also we can make the original package at the same time. The photo shows the original package we made for a famous Japanese hotel called “kamenoibesso/kagiya”, with the logo mark engraved on the pedestal attached. The minimum order quantity is 100 sets but we can also make some change according to your request. You can not only use our products for sale but can also use them for promotion.

Please use the link below to ask more information about our name inserting and original package.

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