Human Shape (Mini)

Mini EVE Tower / Mini ADAM Tower

The human shape

The d-torso Mini ADAM & EVE Towers are constructible cardboard craft models made of precision laser-cut parts. The d-torso EVE is made of 123 pieces, and ADAM of 128. With no glue or scissors required for assembly, the models are designed for everyone’s building enjoyment.



Beginning with 「Corrugated cupboard assembly mannequin」from 1998, D-torso set「Human figure」as one of its main theme. D-torso’s has the design technique which cuts human figure roundly like a CT scan and based on this cross section design the components and restructures it. This technique started from the human figure then applied to animal figure and artifact, like machine. However, till now the human figure is considered as the source of this design skill. D-torso doesn’t have the surface, how human has the skin as a surface of body. The surface parts get cut off with the laser and expose the inner structure with the discontinuous connected corrugated cardboards’ cross section. Viewer will recognize this as a form by filling up the image between the components. This imaginary form is constructed as architectural structure to support the form. This symmetry of form and structure is most notable characteristic of d-torso. EVE and ADAM is the product brought up this characteristic in easiest way. We have Tower form (right image) and Stand form. This would be suitable as display or interior object according to your choice. We produce it in three colors, natural, white, black and you can also choose the color that you want. Please, use the designated form for further inquires.

mini horseman tower
 There are two types of half man-half beast which appears in the folk tales and novels; Egypt god with animal head, human body and half man-half beast like Centauros. The image of mixture between animal and human is shown all over the world from the prehistoric age and some are even the subject of folk religion. One of the characteristic of d-torso is assembling different characteristics from different subject by connecting lines into single structure. D-torso Horseman Tower is the figure of animal head with human body, the combination of the Horse head with the Human body figure Enjoy heteromorphy object by d-torso’s unique molding method. Color variation is total three; Craft, White and black.
female body
「women figure(Megyou)」 is added in d-torso’s human figure series. As you can notice by the name, it is the modified form, a pose motive by the women’s body. Till now majority of human figure series was static symmetrical figure. However, women figure series produce the figure in the process of the physical movement. 001 Female Body is calmly stand pose torso. From the head and body, through twisted waist the energy flows until the gentle landing of two legs, it expresses the women’s body figure. Especially the balance, left leg became axis and right leg holding it up, is designed from the rotation of vertical direction and this brought new development to d-torso structure. From now on, it will develop further by following up the women figure’s movement. Please, look forward to see our new human figure series.

Mini EVE & ADAM Tower

Designer : Yuki Matsuoka

今から18年前、ニットデザイナーである妻の初めての展示会のために d-torso のプロトタイプを設計しました。その当時パソコンも持ってなくて、書き起こした型紙を段ボールにあてて鉛筆で下書きし、 それをハンドカッターで切抜くという、気が遠くなるような作業を繰り返し、最初の5体が生まれました。プロトタイプから数えて現在の d-torso EVE は6世代目になりますが、基本的な構造はほとんど当時のままです。
それから7年経って Tower 型が生まれたきっかけもまた別の展示会でした。染織家の志村ふくみさんと韓国のデザイナー、イ・ヨンヒさんの共同展示会が大分で行われた際に、チマチョゴリを着せるために設計したのが EVE Tower です。日韓の大御所といわれるお二人とお仕事をさせていただく機会を得てとてもいい経験になりました。
そして今年は2月にニューヨークの高級百貨店サックス・フィフス・アベニューからの要請で、 3.6Mの巨大な EVE Tower を制作しました。まるで巨大なエンタシスの柱のようなその姿は、私自身にとっても新鮮でした。
いつも誰かの・・なにかの要請があるたびに新しいカタチが生まれてくるのが d-torso なのかも知れません。
Mini Torso Series は等身大のマネキン EVE&ADAM をそのまま縮小したものです。私にとってはもはや懐かしい存在ですが、いまなお人気の高い商品でもあります。そしてこれが d-torso の原点であり、コンセプトの核心になっているカタチだと私たちは考えています。

アキ工作社 松岡勇樹

Saks Fifth Avenue, NY(2013)
Saks Fifth Avenue, NY(2013)