d-torso Blue Stone (Aoishi) series

Round stone/
the shape of water
d-torso’s hometown, Kunisaki Peninsula, Oita, is a land that has inherited the “culture of stone” from antiquity. There is megaliths which have been stamped with stone circle and the words of ancient times, and the giant buddha that was carved into the mountainside quay(Magaibutu), also buddhas and towers made by stone which can be seen on this peninsula on a daily basis. Though all of these things made by stone look different and were manufactured in totally different time periods, people who live on this land from ancient times put their feelings and thoughts into the stone and these feelings and thoughts are all still exist even till now. Even though many of these historic sites of stone culture are scattered in the mountains, since the peninsula is surrounded by the sea, we can also see the figure of stone which has already changed its original shape everywhere in the coastline. The mountain was shaved to become rocks, when these rocks are carried into the sea by river, they broke, and become small, rounded, day after day we can find a variety kinds of stones with different shapes. The shape of “round stone”is the shape of water. If you listen to the sound of waves, whispers of "stones" will be heard to respond to the wave.A small stone contains the power of tens of thousands of years. “Round stones” on the coast,with pure appearance, are quiet and charming.
 d-torso print series “bluestone print” we made this time was based on “Round stone/the shape of water”of Kunisaki. We believe the neutral, unique, delicate and powerful “round stone” will give d-torso a kind of new power. Please enjoy “Dragon”, “tiger”, “Penguin” with “Disney characters”, also the “d-torso print hand towels”as a staple we make every time.

original print
Sakura series

“d-torso Sakura series”was released in the spring of 2014 as the first of the d-torso print series. The printed pattern is based on the color of pink, and used the motif of the cherry blossoms. It looks gorgeous with the cherry blossom pattern in bright pink. Besides “Horse”, “dove”, “cat”, “Mickey & Minnie”, we also prepared “female impersonator”and “left hand” in addition. Please enjoy the “sakura series” with “bluestone print”. See More