The d-torso Shiba130 is a paperboard dog designed based on Shiba dog. We have been receiving many requests from our customer for the Shiba model, and finally he joined our animal family. The lovely feature of Shiba, dignified posture, elegant ears, cute rolled tail, they are all in this model. There are five colors, natural, white, black, red, and gold with palm-sized. Yuki Matsuoka / Aki Co.,Ltd.



The d-torso Shiba130 is a cardboard craft model cut by a specially designed laser. It includes 84 pieces all attached to cardboard sheets.The pieces are easily removed and put together without the need for scissors or glue, so anyone from children to adults can enjoy the assembling process.

Life with dog

According to one theory, it is said that humans began to breed dog in 12,000 years ago. The dog started approaching to the human life for the leftovers before then. Dogs have been a close friend of human for a long time. Sometimes they live to protect people, farms, or for hunting, and various species have been born. In modern time, they live closer to human and service dogs and guide dogs came out. The loyalty and love for human is now revaluated and healing effect is also noted recently. These days, the distance between humans are increasing, but dogs sometime act between the human beings to connect them. It may be said that the dog is indispensable for human life. The role humans have inflicted on the dog may be ego of human, but hopefully, they feel happy with the time they spend with humans.