The d-torso Horse 131 for zodiac animal for 2014 is now available. Since 2006, we have been producing zodiac animal series. There are Dog (chihuahua), Wild boar (Ibo), Mouse, Cow, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, and this Horse is ninth model.
We tried to describe dynamism of the horse with defined chest, slender waist, big hips, long slender legs. The colors are natural, white, black, red, gold. Printed model is available only in online shop.

Collaboration with artists
There are original print model and Pegasus model collaborated with the artist Mr. Sam Ita, living in New York. These models are available only in this online shop.
Enjoy the variation and features of d-torso.
The d-torso Horse 131 is a cardboard craft model cut by a specially designed laser. It includes 91 pieces all attached to cardboard sheets. The pieces are easily removed and put together without the need for scissors or glue, so anyone from children to adults can enjoy the assembling process.
One of the greatest feature of d-torso is “printable”. It looks like an art before you assemble, one it is assemble, they show you the different faces and aspects. We are now collaborating with twelve artists in N.Y. with twelve zodiac animal series. For the year 2014, the year of horse, we collaborate with the artist named Sam Ita and his unique painting is printed. (Available only in online shop)
Artist profile : Sam Ita
From upstate in N.Y. He studied graphic design in PrattInstitute in Brooklyn, and fully involved in Popup Book. His unique works inspired by comic, Origami, and machines are used in many situation such as ads, animation, and toys. His works are introduced in many magazines such as Publisher’s Weekly, The Comics Journal, The Kirkus Review etc.
The d-torso Pegasus 131 is advanced model of Horse. The big wings on the horse give dynamism. The color options are white, green&yellow. Available only in this online shop. It is limited edition, so don’t miss the chance.