Snake & Benten(Benzaiten)

〜The God of Fertility~

In Japan, the snake is believed to be a messenger of God, helping people recover from poverty and giving goods since time immemorial. The d-torso Snake (Hebi-dan) is a cardboard craft model in which Benten and the Snake become as one. The snake is also believed to bring economic fortune as the god of fertility because they eat the mice which tend to ruin farm crops.
In 2013, we wish you a very good year of the snake!


蛇段3−1 蛇段3−2 蛇段3−3 蛇段3−4

The d-torso Snake (Hebi-dan) is a cardboard craft model cut by a specially designed laser. It includes 55 pieces for the Snake, and 52 pieces for Benten. All of the pieces are easily removed and put together without the need for scissors or glue, so anyone from children to adults can enjoy the assembling process.