You can always make your event space looks good by using large d-torso. Events that have attract customers, sell products such as miniature kit is popular in many places all around Japan.The photo above shows a selling event which held in a sale space located near the boarding gate in Fukuoka Airport in the summer of 2013. Since there are many families during the summer vacation, considering dinosaur is very popular around children, a life-size Velociraptor has been demonstrated there. The products are mainly around the dinosaur series. Besides, we made a corner for Disney series which is also popular with children as well. The 10-day event was well received. For the selling event which held in the shop handling d-torso goods, or the event which linked to the assembly workshop, it’s possible for us to lend you some large d-torsos. If you want to know more information about events planing, please use the link below.

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Fukuoka Airport This is the view of the sale event which held in the Fukuoka Airport every summer.These are all very popular souvenirs.
8 Gallery This is a exhibition which was held in autumn of 2013. The white space was overpowered by huge right hand and left hand.
Oita Airport While replacing over the New Year from Christmas, some model has been displayed.