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About us

Access 〒873-0355 3209-2 Tomikiyo Aki Kunisaki Oita, Japan
Tel 0978-65-0188
FAX 0978-65-0188
Web site http://www.wtv.co.jp(Concept Site)
https://4dflats.com(Online Shop)
Email info@4dflats.com
Industory manufacturing business
About Planning, manufacturing, selling the display objects, cloths etc.


FLATS are cardboard craft figures created by KUNISAKI TIME,Inc. in which an original system is used in a similar way to a CT scan, in order to cut and break a 3D image for a later reassembly. Each piece of the figure is cut by a highly precise laser machine, which makes the assembling process very simple, since no extra elements are needed (scissors or glue). The main material used for our creations is cardboard and our works are being exhibited and commercialised as eco-friendly products in several museums and design shops both in Japan and internationally.

Since the creation of a cardboard mannequin in 1998 (which was awarded the "good design award" in 2001) FLATS has respond to several request for products and also has developed displays, interior goods, special packages, famous character figures, lighting equipment and even robots. FLATS is always improving its creations and widening the field for the usage of its work.



1962 Born in Kunisaki Oita, Japan
1987 Enter Musashino Art University
1990 Graduate Musashino Art University
1990 Enter T.I.S&PARTNERS
1995 create "FLATS" prototype for knit exhibition
1998 Founded KUNISAKI TIME,Inc.
1999 Tokyo collection
Oct. 2001 Good Design Award 2001-02
Nov. 2001 open exhibition in Yufuin Oita, Japan
2002 Compact-Impact Exhibition (TKNY gallery in NY)
2004 Re-JAPAN Exhibition (Spiral Garden in Aoyama Tokyo)
Feb. 2005 Oita Business Grand-prix Award (\1,500,000)
Feb. 2005 Euro Shop 2005(Dusseldorf, Germany)
Apr. 2005 New office and factory in Kunisaki Oita(designed by Takao Shioya)
Jul. 2005 Original Exhibition in Ginza,Tokyo
2007 Top 300 Amall and Medium-sized Enterprise Award
Feb. 2008 Euro Shop 2008 (Dusseldorf,Germany)
Nov. 2009 New office in Kunisaki Oita, Japan
May. 2011 ICFF2011 Exhibition in NY



Good Design Award 2001-02
Oita Business Grand-prix Award
Top 300 Small and Midium-sized Enterprise Award